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Because YOU Matter!

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GOLD-i Charity in collaborative work with AfroPsychologist, take pride in showcasing our charitable work. Our charity was formed to help people deal with their daily life struggles in order to advance their development as individuals. We are dedicated to empowering our community through our various outreach programmes ranging from advocacy, motivational seminars and workshops, food donations and gift aids. In our outreaches, we take at least one person off the streets. We offer various psychological interventions to ensure healthy mental health and wellbeing. Our approaches are grounded in pluralism.

Some are born with Silver Spoon, Some Without.

Some can readily Go To School, some cannot. Will you sponsor a child to school so that they can as well, like other privileged children, attend school?

A high % of child delinquency is due to insecure attachment and lack of proper parental care. We Care and You Matter to us. We Are Nonjudgmental and We Listen.

We Inspire Your Clients Through Motivational Talks.

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GOLD-i believes in the power of informality to form successful relationships with those who need them most. If you prefer an informal yet professional approach to empowering the most vulnerable GOLD-i will support you.
All Our Services to individuals Are Free. However we ask organisations who wish to book our services to make a kind donation towards our mission.

GOLD-i Anthem


We are established for one purpose. FOR YOU. Because YOU Matter. We are one family and together we shall BREAK BARRIERS. GOLD-i is our family and together we shall BREAK BARRIERS.

List of Services


  • Children

  • Adolescents

  • Adults

  • The Elderly

Whether you have social, relationship or psychosexual concerns, we can provide professional assessments to help you work towards your goal. We also offer motivational therapy and participate in speaking engagements and research advocacy in Europe and Africa.

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