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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs answer some of your questions. However, you may contact us if you need further assistance.

Is GOLD-i Charity created strictly for girls and orphans?

No, we are established for one purpose of helping the most vulnerable in our society and whilst protecting their interests, we also empower them in the process.

What age group does GOLD-i Charity cater for?

Most of the people we take off the streets are vulnerable young adults. This bring about a huge relief and fulfilment in our work. However, we face the challenges of not having shelter for them as shelters for young adults mostly in Africa, particularly in Nigeria is not a common phenomenon and orphanages do not have space for them. Whilst the government have not done much in this regard, we do our utmost best to ensure that we find temporary accommodation where we can help and empower these homeless youths.


Does GOLD-i Charity offer scholarships?


Yes. We have sent children to school and young adults to universities. This is part of our empowerment programme and our aim in this regard, is to continue to empower clever and intelligent people of our society, who otherwise would not have been able to afford education.


I am a donor, I would like to help people anonymously. Can GOLD-i Charity help me fulfil this purpose?

Yes. We help Individuals and organisations donate to the most vulnerable in our society and where anonymity is stated, we ensure we protect the identity of our donors both individuals and organisations.


Can I sponsor a child to school through GOLD-i Charity?

Yes. We can help our donors to send a child to any school of their choice from kindergarten to University levels. Research has shown that giving a good life (e.g. education) to the less privilege, who would not have otherwise been able to attain such education, is a way of caring and empowering them for the next phase of their lives. This help in the reduction of child delinquencies and minimise future behaviours which may negatively impact on the society at large.


Can GOLD-i Charity help me or my organisation distribute gifts?

Yes. We can help you distribute gifts to orphanages of your choice. We can also suggest gift items. Please visit GOLD-i shop to see more items.


How do I become a donor as an Individual?

We are sincerely grateful for your decision to impact on lives. Your donation means one person is taken of the streets, fed, sheltered and empowered. Please click the I want to be a donor and it would take you to the donor page.


How do I become a donor as an Organisation?

We are sincerely thankful for your organisation's decision to impact on lives. Your generous donations means one person is sent to school, taken of the streets, fed, sheltered and empowered. Please click My organisation is a donor and it would take you to the donor page.


Do you still have some questions? Why not ASK GOLD-i and let us answer them.


Need to talk to someone?

Learn when and how to seek professional help and discover some psychological evidences that you may not have known about. Read through our list of articles to end some stigma and burst some myths. If you have enquiries which are not answered here, ASK GOLD-i

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